About sarahlouisepaul

Photography has been a hidden pleasure of mine for many years. When I say “hidden”, it has only very recently occurred to me that I have hidden it from myself! It started for me when I was a child. My dad loves photography and he would often go exploring for the perfect snap. One year in particular, We had a very cold winter. There was so much frost that everything outside was sparkling and beautiful. My dad couldn’t wait to get outside, go walking, take his camera and tripod and head somewhere to find a photograph to capture the memory forever. Like many of my dads plans, my mum and myself were simply going on this walk, if we wanted to or not. I have always been an outdoor person, love exploring, love adventures, and I now have a new love in capturing every moment. I often find myself getting strange looks off people when I’m stood staring up at a tree, or anything that I find unusual, beautiful and Artistic. I’ve always been able to draw and paint, but photography has really given me a whole new life to explore. I see things from a different perspective, and now I get to share that with you..I hope you enjoy looking at my photo’s as much as I enjoyed taking them.